Lesson ideas

On this page you’ll find lots of random lesson ideas. I’ve tried to organise them a bit but there’s lots of crossover! I hope you come across something useful!

Lesson planning lists

23 ways to use a text in your ESL classes (Twinkl!)

12 conversation strategies worth teaching

12 tiny tips for writing lesson plans

12 ideas for reviewing vocabulary

10 useful websites for ELT

30 activities inspired by game shows

5 ways to use Shakespeare in ELT

5 way to make reading tasks more fun

5 tips to expand your ELT toolkit

35 ways to introduce your lesson topic

64 online resources I’ve used this year


‘Used to’ for describing past appearance

‘So’, ‘such a’ and cheap cocktails

Present perfect time markers

Past continuous: sporting experiences

Football and conditionals

Present perfect game

Should and shouldn’t

Grammar reviews using drawings

Comparatives and superlatives – Top trumps

Must, musn’t, have to

Quick conditionals review

Teaching functional language


More PronPack – contrastive stress

Using PronPack

Kahoot! for word stress

Teaching contractions

Word stress – footballs and sticky balls

General ideas for teaching pronunciation

General lesson ideas

EAL: Descriptive writing / fronted adverbials

EAL: choosing sources (History)

EAL: History / Geography reviews

British Council Video Zone

Text-driven approach and K-pop

Twinkl in action

The moon landings, Apollo 11

Environmental issues

Celebrities, morals and ethics

The ideal classroom

Video games

The Great British Bake Off

Online dating profiles

IELTS: Identifying opinions and attitudes

Crazy recipes


British History

UK politics and the election


Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud

Google Doodles to revise dates

Henry VIII gradual approximation

Shorter activity ideas

Fluency: Hidden words

Reading tasks for homework

Hirameki with young learners

Wordwall with young learners

TEFL Games: Answer Smash

Kahoot! for punctuation

Twist on a classic: Harry the Hippo

Breaktime games

A fun way to drill

Spelling races with mini-whiteboards

Disappearing dialogues and colour-coded support

Post-it note votes

Retelling a story in groups

The tidy up song

Creative displays

The youngest person ever…

Varjak Paw Kahoot!

Keywords: World War Two events

General video-based lesson ideas

Viral videos

20 great video sites for the EFL classroom

Activities for short videos

James Bond observation challenge

Sickness benefits in the UK

Exploring characters in a short movie

The Planets

One-minute guide to Planet Earth

Introducing a lesson topic…

Viral videos

Introducing recipes and cooking

Introducing inventions (2)

Introducing travel – a student quiz

Introducing inventions

Introducing dreams and ambitions

Introducing travel

Introducing light and shadow

A fun way to introduce graphs in class

18 more ways to introduce your lesson topic

35 ways to introduce your lesson topic

How do you start a lesson? (not that interesting, no-one commented!)

Football-related lesson ideas

Post-match interviews (Premier Skills English)

Using sports commentaries in class

Teach Petr Cech English

Football and conditionals

Random posts on resources

Self-study suggestions

Free access to Twinkl

Wordwall for vocabulary games

Global Digital Citizen Foundation

Quizlet teacher account – worth it?

Learn English through football

What Kate and Kris did

ClassDojo – not a no-go


Using story cubes

Star Wars crawl creator

Wheel Decide

Using Seesaw for EAL

Using Stories Without End

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