Lesson idea: James Bond observation challenge

I don’t know about you, but I was quite disappointed with the latest Bond movie. I’m a big Bond fan, but I wish we could go back to the pun-filled days of Connery/Moore.

Anyway, here’s a fun observation challenge based on a clip from Tomorrow Never Dies. You could let the students watch the video first, then give them the questions and see what they remember. A nice end of the week activity. Enjoy!


What does it say on James Bond’s remote control phone?

Does he jump in the back window or the front window of the car?

What does the car say to him when he first gets inside?

What number and letter can you see behind the red car?

What brand is the remote control phone?

What is Bond’s car number plate?

What colour is Bond’s tie?

What car is he driving?

How does Bond cut the cable?

What is the hotel called?

What is the shop called?

What are the final words on the remote control phone?

Answers: 1. Welcome 2. Back 3. Please fasten seatbeat 4. Three E 5. Ericsson 6. BMT2144 (VERY hard to see!!!) 7. It’s brownish with little dots on – a good view of it is after 28 seconds! 8. BMW 9. He uses a saw hidden in the BMW badge 10. Atlantis 11. AVIS (Car rental) 12. Thank you

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