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Development lists

15 ELT educators to follow on LinkedIn

12 conversation strategies worth teaching

16 ways to improve your whiteboard work

30 tips for developing teachers

12 tiny tips for writing lesson plans

10 useful websites for ELT

15 ways I’ve developed as a teacher this year

30 activities inspired by game shows

20 great video sites for the EFL classroom

Teacher development

Steps towards materials-light teaching

Developing meaning-building skills in reading

Teaching functional language

Writing for ELT magazines

Useful links: Project-based learning

1000 words on… correcting spoken errors

Integrating technology in the EFL classroom

EFL classroom management techniques

New teacher induction

Observe me!

Training: Improve your whiteboard work

More creative displays and success criteria

Workstations for reviews (YLs)

General ideas for teaching pronunciation

Supporting young learners

Article for MET: Using Quizlet to engage teens

Highlighting success criteria to young learners

Planning tasks for young learners

Encouraging autonomy in teen classes

Tips for managing young learners

Getting teens to talk

ELT Twitter chats

Insight into a synthetic syllabus

DipTESOL: Introduction to the phonemic chart

Top tips: Teaching at a UK summer school


MA dissertation promo cringe!

Year in review 2020

Peer observation and online teaching

Self-observation and online teaching

Parents and online learning

My new normal

All change!

Bad teaching

Dialogue in ELT

What are good working conditions in ELT?

Interactive whiteboards – some pros and cons

Evidence and (my lack of) accountability

Acoustic blur, soundshapes, speech streams

Subject knowledge, jargon, learners

My tree octopus fake news fail

Pronunciation priorities

Tweaking my young learner teaching

Edtech exploration

Reasons to explore your staffroom

Making it up as you go along…

Making things up… during observed lessons

Students that make my job easy

Classroom silence and digital natives

A rant about comprehension questions

Experimenting with the inner workbench (reblog)

Random realia and peculiar props

What I learnt from my first TESOL conference

Negative attitudes towards professional development

Some thoughts on authentic listening materials

Classroom organisation – some reflections

Recent whiteboard work

What were the last 10 teaching books you used?

Help please: Frayer models

Thoughts on teaching Vietnamese learners

Correcting pronunciation errors from Thai speakers of English

Outpunned by a ten-year-old

RIP LTC Eastbourne

Guest posts

Student and teacher reflection journals Michael Walker

Flappy drills Nicky Salmon

Assessment capable learners in the primary classroom Kirsten Anne

Distance learning for teachers – is it right for you? Phil Wade

How to become an English teacher Nicky Salmon

Great formative assessment tools Kirsten Anne

5 great tips for new teachers Michael Walker


Monetizing your ELT blog

One million visitors!

Behind the scenes – thoughts on the blog

CPD Webinars and conference summaries

The value of gamification for language learning

Teaching English pronunciation for the real world

What about principles for materials development?

IATEFL 2017: Does feedback work?

IATEFL 2017: Developing teacher talk

IATEFL 2017: Integrating pronunciation

The role of research in TEFL

Teaching for Success Online conference

Digital breaks

Research summaries

Research in brief: Alderfer ESL Program Assessment Tool

Research in brief: reading disruption of a textbook

Research in brief: critique of BICS and CALP

A planning matrix for research


TEFL Tiglets 2

TEFL sniglets (tiglets)

Teachers – which sea creature are you?

Funny ELT illustrations

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