About me

Hi, I’m Pete. I currently teach EFL/EAL in Bangkok. I also write/edit teachingportrait materials for various publishers.

This blog is a collection of teaching tips, reviews, and reflections. I hope you find something worth reading.

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Views are my own and don’t reflect those of my employer(s). 

More about me…

I currently teach at an international school, see here for details. Before that I was a teacher, writer and course coordinator with the British Council.

I have a CELTA (A), DipTESOL (Distinction), MA through NILE (Distinction) and a PGCEi (Distinction). Feel free to get in touch for advice on these courses. Before teaching, I studied an MSc in Reading, Language and Cognition.

Materials development
I’ve contributed to over 20 published ELT resources (see here for details). Contributions include authoring coursebooks, workbooks, digital supps and copy editing. Here are some projects I’ve enjoyed working on recently…



I’ve also worked on an ebook. Click on the image for more information.   role plays

New book

I’ve just co-authored a student resource for IELTS preparation. Click on the image to find out more!

ielts reading practiceArticles
I have written for industry magazines such as English Teaching Professional, Modern English Teacher, EFL Magazine, The Teacher, IH Journal and IATEFL Voices. You can find examples here.

I also write guest posts for blogs and journals. I have recently written for…
Nexus Education
EAL Journal

I have been interviewed by various bloggers about teaching and materials writing. Examples include…

Interview with Monica Ruda-Peachey

Interview for The International Schools Podcast about the PGCEi

I recently appeared on ELTea Time chat with Macmillan Asia. Here’s the recording:


Member of IATEFL MaWSiG
Member of ELT Publishing Professionals

Associate Consultant with TransformELT
Associate Consultant at ELT Consultants

Social media

I tweet @eltplanning. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here.

21 replies

  1. What a great job you’ve done here, Pete! I wish I had all this “bag of riches” when I was taking my own CELTA course. Hope anyone who’s planning to take it will be lucky enough to get to your site. A big Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • wow, thank you so much. Such a lovely comment, and just when I needed it too! Much appreciated.


    • Hi Pete,

      I am working in Saudi Arabia and really like your website. I am currently working in a teacher training capacity, I use some CELTA recommended books for teaching techniques. However, I would like to discuss with you some training techniques that can be use in this country.


      • Hi Katrina, thanks for getting in touch. I can try and answer any questions you have – I recommend getting in touch through the comments tab.
        Some things I should point out though. Firstly, I am not a teacher trainer, and have never worked in a teacher training capacity. You’re likely to be more informed than I am! Secondly, I’ve never worked in Saudi Arabia, so my knowledge would be pretty limited there too. I recommend getting in touch with this guy http://markrpayne.blogspot.com/ He has 4 years teaching experience in Saudi Arabia and is just completing a DELTA.


      • Hi, Katrina 🙂 I hope you did manage to send your note to Pete , as I understand it reached me by mistake.


  2. Hi Pete,
    I’ve just discovered and have been really enjoying your blog (while i should have been writing a lesson plan! Oops…at least it has left me feeling motivated!) I was wondering if you could provide some tips on how to use Cuisenaire rods in different ways, seeing as they are your header image. I’m thinking of buying some because they just look so neat, but what activities can I incorporate them into? And do students enjoy using them?

    Thanks for such a great resource for new teachers such as myself!


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  3. Hi! Your blog is really great! I’m Dewi, an English teacher from Indonesia. Nice to meet you, Pete!

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  4. “Naively I expected to develop a network of like-minded collaborative teachers around the world who I could bounce ideas off” Recognise this? It’s the exact reason I started to blog although I’m still a newby compared to you. A lot of what you discuss in your ETP article rang true for me as I try to find my voice and pin down my blog’s purpose, so I just thought I’d drop by and say a little “hello” and and a thank you, and interact!

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