ELT materials writing

Here’s a collection of writing-related posts, including some tips for new writers. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about materials writing. My specialism is sneaking puns into published resources.

Materials writing news and views

News and views, August 2020

News and views, July 2020

News and views, June 2020

News and views, March 2020

News and views, February 2020

News and views, September 2019

News and views, August 2019

News and views, July 2019

News and views, May 2019

News and views, April 2019

News and views, March 2019

News and views, February 2019

Advice for writers

Writing for ELT magazines

Finding work as a writer

How to annoy commissioning editors (and find work)

Using LinkedIn for professional development

Tech tips for new materials writers

Developing into a materials writer

What about principles for materials development? (webinar by Brian Tomlinson)

Imaginary conversations

Materials writing conversations 6: The editorial agency

Materials writing conversations 5: The recording

Materials writing conversations 4: The artwork brief

Materials writing conversations 3: Natural, authentic speech

Materials writing conversations 2: Death, death, death

Materials writing conversations 1: Pork

MA Materials development (through NILE)

Problems with images in ELT materials

Tomlinson’s text-driven approach

Metaphors for teaching materials

The role of teaching materials – deficiency vs difference

Coursebook reflections

Teacher development and coursebooks

The benefits of using an ELT coursebook

How sanitized is your coursebook?

I clearly love coursebooks

Coursebook activities and SLA theory – do they match?

How I plan with coursebooks

Other reflections

ELT materials writing – my year in review

Free lessons on Onestopenglish

Trends in the ELT materials market?

Lesson Share Winner!

30 Roleplays for TEFL

The 8 stages of teaching my own materials

Writing pronunciation activities – 5 things to consider

I hope you found something useful!

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