Finding work as a writer

I haven’t shared any tips for new writers for a while, not since my post on how to find commissioning editors. So, here it goes.

There’s nothing wrong with building connections at big publishers like Pearson, Macmillan, CUP, OUP, NGL (Cengage, whatever). It’s good to aim high and you might well get lucky. However, there are loads of other companies/organisations you can write for in ELT. If you aren’t getting much luck with the bigger publishers then why not look elsewhere?

Here’s a list of possible avenues for you to explore. Note:

  • this is not a list of endorsements
  • this is not comprehensive, it’s just some ideas to get you started

If you’d like to add any more ideas for fellow newbie writers then please do so in the comments.

The Content Station

‘Your trusted educational publishing team…’. This lot are easy to find on LinkedIn and active enough. The couple of times they’ve contacted me has been for editing rather than writing so if that’s your bag then maybe drop them a line.

Yeehoo Corporation

They produce a magazine called Phoenix English. They are often looking for copy – mostly churning out graded texts. The mag looks okay so this could be a good portfolio builder.

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

China market. Co-publish a lot with the bigger publishers so it’s a roundabout way of writing for them too. I just worked on a CLIL resource for them, it looks good.

Hyphen SA

I’ll let you research this one.

Velawoods English

Looks like a cool company. Seen a few job spots advertised over last year and heard good things. No personal experience of this one though.

York Press Freelancers

They post up the occasional opportunity on their Facebook page. Worth following.

*Note: just got bored of adding images to each listing so might miss a few!*

British Council

Writing with the BC (unless it’s an internal opportunity) means you need to be set up as a vendor. Rather than do that, I’d recommend joining ELT Consultants (like me!) because clever people there know BC like the back of their hand and get lots of contracts with them.

Express Publishing

I’m 1/10 with my attempts to connect with people at Express so I’m not the best person to advise you on this! Looks like they have an interesting catalogue though.

Garnet Education

John Chrimes, ELT writer has done some resources for them. Maybe ask him some advice. Looks like they are developing quite a good catalogue too.

ELi Publishing

Reviewed some books for ELi a while back, like Vocab in Pictures and Egghead. I really like this publisher – they have a nice range of readers. Someone’s gotta write them…

Prosperity Education

A new publisher that focus at the moment on exam resources. Maybe ask Monica Ruda-Peachey for advice on this one. The boss seems friendly and approachable on LinkedIn. They have also commented on this blog before so they must be nice!

Learn Jam

Ah man! I was offered work with LearnJam (when they were ELTJam) but couldn’t do it at the time. Gutted. Their projects always sound interesting and it looks like they have a great team. I reckon there would be some great opportunities to upskill if you could pick up work with these lot. Pure speculation of course, but if you get involved in one of their projects then let me know how it goes!


You might not have expected this one…

The BBC Talent Cloud allows you to register as a freelancer. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I expected to hear nothing from them. A few months later, I’m writing a pilot video script. Weird. Cool.

Language Fuel

Adding more training videos to their library. You could get in touch and see if anything comes of it.


Digital content solutions. Never worked with them myself. Heard mostly good things.

QBS Learning

‘Leading provider of digital content’. Never worked with them myself. Heard almost nothing about them tbh.

*Sorry, flagging a bit at this point*

Hodder Education

Resources for UK and international schools. Good avenue for us EALers. If you teach IB, PYP etc then this might be worth a look.

Richmond ELT

Wide range of resources, perhaps best known for primary/secondary. They list all their past authors on their site, one of whom is the Scriv.

Silva Education

They have a ‘Write for Us’ form on their site and they respond very quickly to confirm you’re kind of being considered. Worth doing, why not.

I wish they’d improve their website, it’s clunky.

Signature Manuscripts

As I said, no endorsements. But if I were to endorse some of these, Signature Manuscripts would be near the top of my list. I like Malcolm Mann, very easy to work with.

So there’s a starting point for you. Best of luck finding work. If any of the info in this post helped you find work then please let me know in the comments. I love a success story 😊

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the links. This is a great post and I shall check out some of the suggested companies. 👍🏻

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