Recommended resources

On this page you’ll find links to ELT resources that I think are useful. These are not affiliate links, I just think these are worth sharing!

ELT Concourse
This is such a useful site for developing teachers. It’s full of info and articles to help Delta trainees and includes free to access training courses too. Essential reading!

Renewable English
Fantastic lessons and resources from Harry Waters, helping educators raise awareness of sustainability and environmental issues.

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Spoken Grammar training course
This very reasonably priced training course offers a great introduction to teaching authentic language for everyday conversation. Highly recommended.

Online Teacher Training Institute (IH OTTI)

The Online Teacher Training Institute (IH OTTI) is the teacher training wing of International House World Organisation. They offer specialised teacher development courses from 4 weeks to 3 months long with tutors who are experts in their field and experienced online trainers. From teaching young learners and business English to courses for academic managers, you can specialise your skillset with an online, globally accessible course which might not be available to you locally.


EFL Creative Ideas
Silvina Mascitti’s site is full of great downloadable resources. They are often built around authentic videos, and address topics that are frequently overlooked in mainstream ELT coursebooks.

Multilingua FC
This app for learning English through football is available via Google Play Store.

Sponge ELT
A site that’s full of interesting interviews with ELT experts in training, assessment, materials writing, management and more. Also includes excellent, detailed reviews of ELT resources.

TEFL Development Hub
A fast-growing Facebook group of developing teachers. Regular chats and Facebook Live sessions on all things TEFL. Great for CPD and their blog has a good archive too.

International Teacher Development Institute
Provide excellent and affordable CPD courses for teachers. I’ve taken courses on evaluating digital materials and self-publishing, both were really useful. There’s a members chat and other webinars on offer too.

Sandy Millin
Teacher, teacher trainer, writer and blogger. Offers fantastic advice through the blog with awesome tips for CELTA/Delta candidates, and some really good reviews/summaries or courses, conferences and webinars.

Onthesamepage ELT
One of the best aggregators of useful resources on Facebook. Miguel who runs the page is also an excellent blogger with tons of useful resources.

Philip Kerr
Extremely knowledgeable ELT professional whose brilliantly written blog posts are always worth a read.

Jason Anderson
Highly reflective practitioner and engaging speaker. Jason’s site is full of free articles for download on teaching methodology. Useful read for Delta and MA level candidates.

Alphabet Publishing
Independent publisher with a range of useful and creative resources for practicing teachers. You’ll find some reviews of their books on the blog if interested.

ESL Library
A comprehensive resource site for lessons, worksheets and digital materials. Great quality and affordable.

Peachey Publications
A site full of good resources: resource books, teaching materials, training videos, and more.

Life Resourceful
Rachael Roberts is an experienced materials writer and trainer, who used to blog regularly at ELT-resourceful. She now provides business coaching for ELT professionals, running regular courses and offering one-to-one sessions.

Prosperity Education
An independent publisher based in Cambridge, UK. Prosperity mostly focus on exam-based resources.

Online resource site offering good value video-based lesson plans (and freebies).

Tim Warre
This site is full of useful exam prep resources along with general lesson ideas. Tim’s been blogging for years and is also a professional materials writer.

ELT Publishing Professionals
ELT PP is a useful site for freelancers in ELT publishing. They offer CPD opportunities, a private Facebook group for advice about the industry, the chance to upload your CV to a ‘talent pool’ database used by publishers, and regular job spots. The annual subscription fee is reasonable.

Consultancy group working on projects around the globe. An impressive array of consultants and a really progressive approach.

One Stop English Lesson Share Competition
This competition has launched ELT writing careers over the years! I highly recommend sharing some of your self-made resources as this is great exposure for budding writers.

Education Endowment Foundation
Accessible research summaries on the impact of approaches, interventions, etc in mainstream schools. Some crossover to ELT, certainly worth a look.

Useful infographic summaries of secondary research in TESOL, ESL, TEFL etc. Great initiative, worth a look.

Fluency First ELT
Blog with ideas and advice on implementing task-based learning methodology.

Foundational Principles of TBLT
Free book from Martin East outlining the basics of TBLT.

Teach Reflect Develop
A free book of reflective teaching activities.

Into the Book
Some examples and tips for teaching reading strategies to young learners. Not the easiest to view on mobile. Good for new teachers.

NILE Members Area
Free members area on the NILE-ELT. Offers access to free webinars and panel discussions on issues in ELT, curated resources for teaching about the environment and sustainable development, access to Ready to Run video lesson series, and more. Great freebie!

Funks Socks and Dragons
Cool Ideas and resources for the Primary and Pre-Primary EFL classroom.

Reflecting Reality
Facebook page for advice and discussions on diverse and inclusive ELT materials.

ELT Experiences
Popular YouTube channel for all things ELT, including live stream lessons. Run by my old boss Martin Sketchley. It’s a spin-off from a blog of the same name.

Lexical Lab
Blog section on the Lexical Lab site. Honest insights into materials development from experienced writers.

Teacher training and development providers working with individuals, schools and institutions. One half of the team is my former mentor Sarah Smith.

Monica Ruda-Peachey
Super positive ELT Writer and Teacher Trainer who shares interesting posts for developing teachers.

Geoff Jordan
Divisive character who challenges the status quo in ELT. Not someone I always agree with tbh but provokes debate, and has a very useful series of blog posts on SLA for developing teachers. Caution: some posts may cause offense.

Informed Language Teacher
Useful curated resources for language teachers on topics such as cognitive science, pedagogy, etc. Some good research summaries too.

EAL Self-evaluation framework
Good resource for schools looking to evaluate their EAL provision at both Primary and Secondary.

ELF Pronunciation
Archived blog posts about pronunciation for English as a Lingua Franca.

Speech in Action
Archived site with great resources on phonology for listening.

Steve Brown
Infrequently updated blog recently focusing on emancipatory approaches to teacher education/materials development in ELT. Archive is worth a look.

Lesson Plans Digger Slick resource site, Tbh I haven’t used it as much in my current job but did more when I was at the BC.

Loli Iglesias Lezama
Thoughts and curated resources from a practicing CLIL teacher in the Basque region.

EFL Summer School
Loads of great ideas and reflections from a teacher and DOS. Not only related to summer schools btw.
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