On this page you’ll find posts about some training courses I’ve completed. If you would like any further tips, or want to learn more about YL-specific training and MA qualifications, feel free to get in contact.


How to get a CELTA pass A

CELTA Lesson Frameworks

CELTA Language Analysis assignment

CELTA Language Skills assignment

CELTA tip: Guided discovery

Little tips from CELTA training that go a long way

What I gained from the CELTA: Lesson frameworks

Reflection on CELTA courses – Nicky Salmon

How to write CELTA lesson plans – Nicky Salmon

How to survive the CELTA course – Nicky Salmon


How to get a DipTESOL Distinction

Perceptions of the DipTESOL

DipTESOL: Self-development record

DipTESOL observed practice – lesson planning

DipTESOL observed practice – evaluate and reflect!

10 Pronunciation books to help DipTESOL trainees

Pronunciation articles for DipTESOL students

DipTESOL exam – model answer

DipTESOL review quizzes on Sporcle

DipTESOL Phonology review quiz on Playbuzz

Dip tips: Phonology and you

DipTESOL Introduction to the phonemic chart

Q and A: Reading and listening texts for DipTESOL teaching practice

DipTESOL: Phonology interview

Helping learners manage spoken dialogue

DipTESOL phonology-based activities


Course review: PGCEi

PGCEi Module 2

PGCE Module 1

Should I do a PGCEi?

MA, PGCEi or Diploma?

Types of curriculum

Bottery’s Educational Codes

Learning to read the world through other eyes

How to get a PGCEi Distinction

Top reads from the PGCEi