Reflections on the DipTESOL

Here are some short video reflections on my DipTESOL experience. These are meant for candidates on the new DipTESOL course run through DublinTEFL. I’ve explained more in this intro vid…

Excuse the tiredness. And the lockdown hair! Barbers are shut here in Bangkok. The classroom is stripped back now, end of term and all. We’re still lucky though, IWB and whiteboard, plus looooads of resources out of shot.

So anyway, DublinTEFL asked quite a few questions. I’ve covered most of them. All the vids are only 90 seconds long.

First up, how has the DipTESOL helped with my career development:

Next, how does the DIpTESOL help me in my current role.

That rogue sticky up hair is getting to me. And the forehead wrinkles. Tut, parenthood. Just NEVER watch your own vids back, that’s my advice.

Next was… er… What was the best thing about the Diploma. Includes pen wiggles.

Then there’s ‘How has the Diploma helped you develop as a teacher?’

Then there was ‘Why did I choose the Diploma instead of the DELTA?

Next is (I’m sorry if this is dragging on by the way haha) my tip for the DipTESOL exam. I’ve just watched it back, includes a head scratch.

Sorry, there’s more. Tips for the phonology interview this time. We’re getting more rambly.

I think this is the last one AAAAH you know I forgot one. Grrrr. I meant to say something about the projects/portfolio etc. Just noticed. Ah well. Anyhow, the last one is an overall tip for the course.

I wish DublinTEFL all the best with their new DipTESOL course. I haven’t taken a training course with DublinTEFL before so I can’t give feedback based on experience. However, I like who they are as an institution/as people, what they’re doing for us teachers (for free at times!) and I wish them every success.

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  1. Some great tips here, some pretty personally relatable for me (I have also chosen to do my OI on a subject that I’ve felt shaky on before starting the Dip – emergent language), thanks very much for your insights!

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  2. Hey Pete! I’m with you on the anxiety about the Language Awareness section of the exam. Funny enough, I took the DELTA Module 1 exam a couple years ago and felt underprepared then for the language section as well. I passed, but it wasn’t due to my superb performance on language awareness that’s for sure. Ha. I’ve been considering different ways to prepare and your study tactic is brilliant and super helpful. Thanks for the tips!

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