PGCEi Module 2 assignment

I’ve had a few requests for advice on the Module 2 assignment for the PGCEi (Nottingham). You can find an overview of the module here.

The assessment is a 4000-word essay in which you critique a pedagogical approach used in your context. I think it’s hard to give generic advice for this one given how varied the contexts are for PGCEi candidates. With that in mind, I’m just going to share my essay, so you will at least get an idea of how I approached it.

I figured it’s fine to share this because it’s on record with TurnItIn, can’t be plagiarized or anything.

Sorry it’s not as blow-by-blow as the Module 1 assignment guidance. Still, some of the requests I had asked for guidance on assignments related to project-based learning; the first half of my essay should provide some useful avenues for the lit review at least!

If you have any specific questions just let me know. Best of luck with your assignment!

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  1. Thanks this was very helpfull. Any advice on module 3.


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