15 ELT educators to follow on LinkedIn

If you’re fairly new to LinkedIn as a teacher/writer then here are a few suggestions for who to follow. Some of these people are on Twitter too, but I come across them more on LinkedIn as my feed isn’t as busy. Note: this is not a ‘Top 15…’ but it’s people I find insightful and I hope you will too!

I have not linked to any profiles without permission but these people should be easy enough to find through the search bar. If you are one of these people and you are happy for me to link to you just get in touch.

ELT professionals group
This is probably the biggest group on LinkedIn for ELT teachers. Is a good feed of useful posts set up (I think?) by David Deubelbeiss, who is also worth following.

Tasha Fletcher
Tasha has just started a new blog at handsonlearninginesl, sharing tips and lesson ideas for ESL teachers. She’s present on both Twitter and LinkedIn and is doing a good job promoting her resources so far.

Karl Millsom
Karl works for JLA TESOL in Indonesia. He prompts some good discussion with his #ThursdayThoughts and ‘controversial views’. He’s been sharing interviews with prominent ELTers on his YouTube channel.

Sara Davila
Sara might be known to some as one of those early resource sharing bloggers. I remember her resources from long ago during my days on the EPIK scheme in Korea – her site is more jazzed up these days. She’s now Implementation Lead for Pearson Global Scale of English. She shares lots of interesting posts (often 2-3 per day) on a range of ed topics, mostly ELT.

Atena Juszko
Atena shares posts related to materials development, including job ads she comes across. She also blogs. She is a frequent commentor on all things materials-related and you might benefit from her sharing your own posts with her network.
She also takes an interest in marketing and has recommended both John Espirian and Neil Patel before, who are also worth following.

Richard Gaskell
Richard is an international education consultant. He provides an interesting insight into education around the globe by sharing useful articles (most written by others). International school teachers will find his content worth reading. Along the same lines there’s Dan Taylor, the Director of AppsEvents, although he’s now posting more on Twitter.

Katherine Bilsborough
Katherine is one of the most well-known people in ELT materials development, yet isn’t the most present on public social media. She is probably most active on LinkedIn and shares her own work along with news from ELT footprint, writer reflections and other useful content.

Thom Kiddle
Thom is the Director of NILE. He shares the latest happenings from the school including promotions, webinars and news. The institution itself is worth following, but Thom is a tad better as he likes to interact with readers.

Jake Whiddon
Jake promotes StudyCat, a language learning app which I have reviewed here. I mentioned that the product itself could improve, but Jake doesn’t just promote the product. He offers some useful webinars for professional development and discussions with Edtech experts. These are not just sneaky promo, they are worth watching in their own right.

George Chilton
I follow George because I remember his cool blog from yesteryear, designerlessons. He now runs a content marketing agency called Hubbub Labs and shares useful articles related to content creation, startups and so on. If you’re into blogging, writing, etc then George is worth following.

LearnJam often share interesting posts and the occasional nice infographic. They are on other social media like Twitter but it feels like they are more prominent on LinkedIn.

Hind Elyas
I swear, this person attends every single pd webinar that the ELT has to offer. She’s at everything. She’s also involved in IATEFL Global Issues SIG, TESOL international and a billion other things it seems. Following Hind is a good way of keeping up with happenings from such interest groups and organizations.

Henno Kotze
This guy shares lots of good EdTech content and is involved in English Australia Ed-Tech SIG. Deffo worth a follow – not a super frequent poster but lots of quality.

Rhys Clements
In the midst of COVID when everyone was like ‘aaargh how do I teach online?!’, Rhys was busy sharing his knowledge free of charge. He has since started ESL Training Terrace and offers online teacher training… online (if that makes sense?!) for a very small fee. Approachable guy, skilled, bit quiet of late but well worth following.

Malachy Scullion
Malachy is a great aggregator, sharing all things ELT, education, culture, just whatever he comes across really. A very frequent poster whose activity feed I often review.

Finally, I’m happy to connect with other teachers and writers – click here.

Happy following!

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