More EAL presentation tasks

Last term I shared a post on presentation tasks for EAL. I have a few more examples to add from this term which are slightly more subject specific.

We started the term online, but have been back in the classroom now for about a month. I’ve found Loom recordings are still worth using a lot during face-to-face learning. After all, learners have built a bit of confidence about being in front of the camera. Plus, we can use the videos for collaborative learning and refer back to them easily if needed.

Latest examples…


When I took over a Year 11 IGCSE class this term, I realised that they didn’t know too much about the format of the exam. They’d been doing lots of useful exam practice tasks, but they didn’t seem to know exactly what was expected in each task of section. So, we made some simple exam format explainers. Here’s my overview example:

As usual, I made it okay enough model the task but crap enough for them to think they could do a better job. I set them all a part of the exam (or a specific task in the exam) to explain and they made their own two minute explainer. I’ve set aside some space on classroom display boards to add QRs linking to vids, so they are there for reference.

Overall task usefulness: 6/10

BTEC Business

We have a lot of EAL studying our BTEC course, and we need to go over keywords often. I made this slightly rambling and monotone model of a key concept explainer…

… then we divvied up other key terms to the class (examples in this open the box):

They used some lesson time to put their explainer vid together, then finished for homework.

Overall task usefulness: 7/10

Year 7 Science

More science explainers, but this time not random ones, actually topic related. We were doing forces, so we have a model explainer, then the learners went off to make videos explaining different forces…

Some of the wording in this one was rubbish. But that’s often okay as the learners realise things don’t have to be perfect and that makes the tasks more accessible on the whole. Plus, they are keen to call me up on my mistakes. That leads to more communication in English, great!

Overall task usefulness: 8/10 – definitely worth giving a go.

Anyhow, that might give you a few ideas for classroom activities. Happy teaching 🙂

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