Teach Petr Cech English – a lesson using British Council Premier Skills

I’ve only just discovered the British Council Premier Skills site. It’s a great resource for some of the groups I teach. They’ve got a lesson planning competition going on at the moment, which inspired me to create a little something. My lesson uses this video from the British Council website:


You can find the lesson resources and a football vocabulary revision task here:

teaching Cech English lesson resources

football vocab revision task 


Students discuss the following questions

What’s the hardest thing about learning English?

When you speak English, what’s main cause of communication problems?

Do you think English would be easier to learn than your own language?

Explain to students that they will be watching a video of Premier League footballers discussing what they find hard about learning English. Briefly discuss what students know about the players, their nationalities, etc.

Gist listening task:

Listen to these Premier League footballers talk about the hardest things about learning English

Ivar Ingimarsson           Petr Cech             Dirk Kuyt         Mido             Sun Jihai

Who talks about…

Vocabulary __________________________________________________________

Phrases _____________________________________________________________

Spelling _____________________________________________________________

Accents _____________________________________________________________

Did any of the footballers have similar ideas to you?

Students are likely to be interested in Sun Jihai’s comments, as they may be harder to understand. Feel free develop on this passage with some detailed listening, and explain terms Mancunian and Scouser if you feel it is interesting/relevant to your class.

Presenting new vocabulary:

Draw attention to Petr Cech’s comments about understanding expressions. Ask students if they know any football related phrases already. Give students the matching activity (see worksheet).

(Tips for clarification – remember to teach other useful forms related to the new vocabulary, including dive (v), nutmeg (n), ‘nuts’ (expression when a play is nutmegged), to be it square, etc)

Controlled practice

The controlled practice has been created as if the sentences are part of football commentaries. Prepare this as a grass skirts activity: https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/grass-skirts-revision-race

Before this activity starts, remind them that the phrases they’ve learnt could appear in past, present or future forms, 3rd person form, etc.

Freer Practice activity: Teach Petr Cech football expressions

Work with a partner. You will have 10 minutes to create a short presentation for Petr Cech, to help him learn English football expressions. Your presentation will be sent to Petr himself, so make sure you address him personally, and make the presentation clear. You can include anything that you think will help explain the expressions, such as acting, gestures, or drawings.

Allow 10 minutes for students to create the performance. Film each performance. Edit them (or get the students to do so) and put the videos together on to a CD or your preferred format. Make a cover letter, and send them to:

Petr Cech

Stamford Bridge

Fulham Road

London, SW6 1HS


(address acquired from fanmail.biz)

NOTE: the basic football vocabulary revision task (attached) can be used in conjunction with this lesson. It could be used as a homework task before teaching this lesson

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  1. Pete, you might be interested to know that a fellow ELT blogger that I follow also prepared a lesson on the BC Premier Skills website as well: https://svetlanaurisman.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/what-will-your-life-be-like-in-5-years-time-premier-league-stars-interview-lesson-plan/

    Check out this take on a possible lesson.



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