Drama activity: Frozen in Time

We’ve been doing lots of drama tasks recently. Here’s one that worked really well.

(See these slides on Genially)

Excuse any spelling errors etc, I took the link from a draft of mine and Rich McCully’s TEFL role play book.

In short, Student A is a prehistoric cave dweller and Student B is a scientist. The cave person suddenly wakes up thousands of years later after thawing out from an ice block, and the scientists job is to calm them down, help them orientate, etc.

Ah man, this was a hilarious classroom scene. We set it up so there were more cave people than scientists, and they all suddenly thawed out and went totally crazy.

There were some cave people asking whether rulers were weapons and how to use them. One panicked cave dweller ran off down the corridor which freaked out the MFL department. Another took off her shoe and was just staring at it looking bemused, while one scientist was busy consoling a caveman after he realized his pet wooly mammoth had died.

Did the learners take much from the activity? Some useful language came up, but other terms weren’t exactly high frequency. Some functional language popped up that was transferable, like ways to calm people down. Most of all though, learners just practiced thinking on their feet and having fun. Nothing wrong with that for a Friday morning post-term assessment wind down.

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