Drama activity: The Movie Star

Another drama activity with my Friday Year 10 class that worked really well. Again, from our little role plays for TEFL book.

Slides give the general idea but I added a few things…

  • Little warmer. Learners work in pairs. One learner smiles at the other. Their partner gives them feedback on how they could make the smile better: ‘raise that side of the mouth a bit! Eyes open wide! You look a bit fake, just…’ Etc. Weird but funny – they were chuckling away and this set the tone I think…
  • Lead-in chat from slides, then explain the context and different roles.
  • Explain that we need some scenes or actions to act out. Learners write down ideas. I provided some prompts, like:

Crying while eating a cake

Cutting paper and laughing hysterically

Opening the door sneakily

And provided these patterns if needed:

[Verb+ing] while/and [Verb+ing]

[Verb phrase] + adverb of manner

  • All ideas written on paper and left at front of room. ‘Directors’ choose a card at random and that’s the scene they explain to the actors.
  • I did groups of three instead, with two actors in each. This meant that the director could play the actors off against each other to get a reaction.
  • Directors worked with different pairs, craziness ensued, then we wrapped each mini performance up with some reflection.
  • The only process language I provided for the first iteration of the task was ‘And… Action!’ plus ‘Cut! For further iterations we had some good language come out!

‘Take 2’

‘Okay, cut, cut, cut. Look, [actor], I’m just not feeling it!’

‘Do you know who I am?! I was in Titanic!’

‘Okay, so in this scene, you’re _________ while ________. Try to ________ but don’t _________’

‘Break it up! This is a film set!’

Learners changed roles and groups quite a bit. Around forty minutes of thinking on their feet and having a laugh. They learnt some new adverbs of manner too. Overall, fun and engaging.

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  1. Hello Pete,
    I’ve only been following for a few months or so, but I’ve gleaned so many good ideas from you already. I’ve just bought your Roleplays book and can’t wait to try it with some of my groups. So thank you, sir !. Know that you’re generosity is greatly appreciated and keep up the good work.

    B. Ezzell


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