Daily Dose of Internet #7

A pretty gross one today. Enough to put you off fast food. All activities based on the first 38 seconds of this Daily Dose…

Activity 1: Before watching 0:00 – 0:38

Someone left a MacDonald’s hamburger in a closet for 24 years.

  • What do you think the hamburger will look like?
  • Do you think the people in the clip will taste the hamburger?

Watch the clip. Were your predictions correct?

Activity 2: Watch from 0:00 – 0:38

Add the following headings to the table based on the descriptions of each item of the meal.

Burger bun

French fries

Burger patty

  ‘pretty dry and brittle’
‘no mould’
‘never rotted’
  ‘never moulded’
‘not even cracked’  
  ‘fell on the floor of your car’  

(Or reverse this: give the headings and have learners make notes on how each food was described)


Activity 3: Watch from 0:00 – 0:38

If someone offered you $100 in cash, would you nibble on the burger patty?

If you had to eat one part of that meal because your life depended on it, which one would you go for?

On a serious note, what might this clip tell us about fast food, in particular fast-food production?

Activity 4: Watch from 0:00 – 0:38


Daily Dose Guy: This person brought a meal from MacDonald’s and then left it in her closet for 24 years. After 24 years the food never broke down or decomposed.

Woman: French Fries. Pretty much look like fries that just, you know like fell on the floor of your car and you didn’t find them for a month.

Woman: The bread has never moulded. As a matter of fact, it’s not even cracked.

Woman: It’s pretty dry and brittle.

Friend: But there’s no mould on it?

Woman: No mould and it never rotted at all.

Friend: That’s crazy.

Check the meaning of the underlined words in an online dictionary. Then…

  1. list three foods that might go mouldy.
  2. list two places where mould might grow (other than on food)
  3. list two things (other than the burger patty) that we might describe as brittle.
  4. scan this article to find out how long it takes for the following items to decompose: plastic bags, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, orange peels. Were you surprised?

(btw you could do a pronunciation focus on the -ed endings for some of those verbs)

Activity 5: Watch from 0:00 – 0:38

Student A: You are a cashier at MacDonald’s. Greet the customer (Student B) and deal with their request.

Student B: You are the woman who kept the hamburger in her closet for 24 years. You have decided to bring your 24-year-old burger to the local MacDonald’s and show the staff how disgusting their food really is.

  • Explain to the cashier why you are there
  • Show them the 24-year-old meal
  • Ask for their opinion on this, and what they think this says about MacDonald’s food.

… and all the time, have your phone out to (pretend to) film their reaction for your YouTube channel.

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