Daily Dose of Internet #2

Here are some more Daily Dose of Internet activities. Pick one you like, run with it, see what happens!

Activity 1: play the video from the start. Pause for 15 seconds after each clip.

Students …

  1. Rate each video from 1-5 based on how interesting it is (1=boring, 5=awesome!)
  2. Make quick notes on each video (e.g. adjectives to describe it, something you wonder about it, etc)

Work with a partner. Share your views on the most / least interesting videos. Did you have similar ideas?

Activity 2: Play video from start to finish (pausing if needed)

Make notes on clips that you think are…

Compare your ideas with a partner. Did you have similar views?

Activity 3: Play video from start to finish.

Which clip is most likely to go SUPER viral? Why?

Activity 4: Pause at 2.05

Caption the image.

Thanks for using these activities, I really hope you enjoyed them, and I’ll see you very, very soooon!

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