Daily Dose of Internet #3

Some more Daily Dose activities! Pick one, run with it, see where it leads…

Activity 1: *Avoid showing the name of the video!* Pause at 0:14 after the knock on the door.

What happens next?

Activity 2: Watch from 0:33 – 0:59

What would your video game avatar look like? Draw it! Share your avatar with a partner.

Activity 3: Watch from 1:14 – 1:23 (grade dialogue as appropriate)

Work with a partner. Continue the dialogue.

A: Have you seen that video where a guy turns into a banana?

B: Huh?

A: It’s like a viral video on YouTube. There’s a guy, and he’s wearing yellow. Like, a yellow hoodie.

B: Right

A: And he…

(or simply: How would you describe the video to someone who hasn’t seen it?)

Activity 4: Watch from 1:38 – 2:00

The animation shows the height of the Tohoku Tsunami in 2011. What do you know/remember about this event?

Activity 5: Watch from 2:00 – 2:12

  • Would you try flying in a wingsuit? Why / Why not?
  • What skills might you need to fly in a wingsuit?
  • How do you think people start training to use a wingsuit?

Activity 6: Watch from 2:12 – 2:23

Imagine that you filmed that moment. Tell a friend about it. Start by saying…

‘You’ll never guess what happened!’

(This might be a good chance to introduce the historic present for telling anecdotes)

Activity 7: Watch from 2:24 – 2:31

What happens next?

Activity 8: Watch from 2:43 – 3:01

What can we learn about the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from this graph?

What are some of the causes of this increase?

What are your feelings about this topic?


Use this screenshot from 3:02

Explain the data to your partner. Use the prompts to help.

  • The graph shows…
  • The data reveals that…
  • (Some of the causes for this are…)
  • Based on this data, it is clear that…

(Springboard to IELTS Writing Task 1 maybe. Also a good lead in to discussing climate crisis)

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