Daily Dose of Internet #4

Getting Venny today.

Overall activity: Watch all clips.

Step 1 – Make quick notes on each clip so you remember it. Examples:

caterpillar screams

hoverboard in city

Step 2 – Add the videos to the diagram based on how you feel about them.

If a video is not surprising, funny or informative, write it outside the diagram.

Step 3 – Share your views with a partner. Justify your choices. Were your ideas similar?

How would you describe the videos that were not included in your diagram?

Other activities

Activity 1: Watch from 0:24 – 0:31

Do you think this is the transport of the future? Why / Why not?

Activity 2: Watch from 0:40 – 1:00

What’s better: having a real dog as a pet, or a robotic dog as a pet? Make notes in the table.

Real dogs are better because…Robotic dogs are better because…

Share your ideas with a partner.

Activity 3: Watch from 1:17 to 1:37

How powerful/well-equipped is your country’s armed forces?

What do you know about your country’s foreign defense policy?

Activity 4: Pause at 3:03

What are they saying?

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