Daily Dose of Internet #5

Some more Daily Dose springboards for you.

Activity 1: Watch from 0:00 – 0:39

Write a short news report (150-200 words) for a local paper on this event. Possible titles:

Fairground fiasco!

Near-fatal fairground

Activity 2: Watch from 0:00-0:39

Write an interview between the following:

  • a local news reporter at the fairground
  • one of the bystanders who stopped the fairground ride tipping over.

Use this prompt to help you:

Reporter: … obviously this incident has shocked everyone at the fairground. Let’s hear now from one of the bystanders who helped to keep the ride under control. I’m joined by [bystander’s name]

Bystander: Hello

Reporter: [Bystander’s name], take us through wait happened.

Bystander: Well, …

Activity 3: Watch from 0:58 – 1:06, pausing so learners can see the signs.

What was the camera man trying to show by filming these two signs?

Activity 4: Watch from 1:06 – 1:50

This person can do three things at the same time. What are they?

1 _________________

2 _________________


… and which one do you think is the most challenging? Why?

Activity 4: Watch from 1:06 – 1:50

Imagine you met this guy and he bragged about his skills. Make up your own ‘three skills I can do at once’ to brag back!

‘That’s nothing! I can _____________ while ___________ AND _____________!’

Which of your classmates had the craziest/most unbelievable/most believable skill?

Activity 5: Watch from 1:58 – 2:25 (pausing when paintings appear if you wish)

Which painting did you like the most? Why?

Do you think art is ever worth this amount of money?

Choose one of the works of art to research. Find out:

  • Where the painting currently hangs
  • What is considered special or important about the painting
  • Who bought the painting
  • Some details about the artist

Activity 6: Pause at 1:59

Write a gallery label for this piece. Imagine what the artist is trying to show.

(Here’s an example gallery label. Look at the bottom lines)

Activity 7: Watch from 2:26 – END (discounting the cat video)

Which of the clips did you find most impressive?

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