Lesson idea: Introducing light and shadow

Here’s a video-based intro for the topic of light and shadow (YLs). You may have seen this activity type on ELT Planning before:

Introducing recipes

Introducing viral videos

This is just the starter activity (feel free to adapt). It can be a springboard to further discussion, inquiry, etc.

Hope it’s useful 🙂

Feature image: Mocomi video screenshot

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2 replies

  1. What made you put in the third column (“How interesting was it?”)?

    I’m only asking because in my materials (aimed at under- and postgraduate students) I’ve been making a lot of use of personal responses and evaluations to content in lieu of other kinds of rating or more controlled responses.


    • Since reading Tomlinson’s work I’ve taken to adding lots more opportunities for personal response. I feel like it just gives more opportunities for engagement, discussion and prior knowledge assessment. Like, in this simple activity, you find students put 2/3 stars and then in discussion they might say ‘it wasn’t that interesting coz I already knew that XYZ’. So, subtle diagnostic. Plus just shared interest, chance to speak and add process language, etc

      But that’s just me – it’s not foolproof and might not be of value in other contexts. I mean, that personal response if you want it could be any number of things:
      Someone else I think might like this vid
      Rating on how much I learnt from the vid
      Rating about how much this connects to another topic we’ve learnt.

      Room to tweak.


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