Lesson idea: Viral videos

This was a context builder for a sequence of lessons on viral videos, viral ad campaigns, viral marketing, etc. It’s similar to the idea I shared for introducing recipes. Anyway, used this with B1+ teens, worked well.

Task 1

Find loads of links to (good) viral videos. Our focus was on viral marketing, so I chose lots of ads. Create a QR code for each vid and add these onto a handout in a table like this one:

I gave students this instruction:

Each video was part of an online marketing campaign.

Work with a partner. You have 20 minutes. Watch as many of the videos as you can. Make short notes about each video in the table. If you are unsure about what is being advertised, leave this information blank.

When time is up…

Rank the videos you watched in order from best to worst.

Share your views with another pair. Were they similar?

I’ve added a basic example handout (CLICK HERE) with links to some vids – you might want to edit it. The viral vids in the handout are:

Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge Length: 1.29

KFC Length: 1.00

Will it blend? Length: 1.19

Volvo Length: 1.17

Canada Tire Length: 1.00

John Lewis Length: 1.30

GoPro Length: 2.03

Android   Length: 1.09


That’s it really. But I did some optional stuff…

Task 2

Look at the information in this graph, (c) Business Insider.

Discuss how you felt while/after watching each video.


Task 3

Based on the videos and information in the previous tasks, compile a list of ‘5 effective techniques in viral marketing’.

 Tip 1:


 Tip 2:




That’s it, hope it’s useful.

Feature image copyright Heraldextra

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