Materials writing news and views, February 2020

I’ll hopefully keep this update going this year. Bit busy at the moment so here are a few very quick updates and some useful links.

New releases

Express Publishing are promoting a new book English for 21st Century Skills (Mavridi and Xerri), which comes out Spring 2020. Lots of different contributors, looks good. No link on site yet.

All levels of Language Hub (Macmillan) are out and promo in full swing by the look of things on social media.

Shout out to Jen Dobson, who has written the course ‘Getting Started with Early Childhood English Teaching’ on Language Fuel.

The new global product for teens from the British Council, Secondary Plus, will be rolled out here in Thailand in May. Project-based approach, academic/exam skills add-ons. Looks pretty polished for a first version. It’s already being used in Europe. I’ve had a sneaky peak. Thumbs up. Info here. Disclaimer – had a bit part to play in these, that’s it.


Loads at the moment! Basically, glance at all the big publisher sites right now if you’re looking for an in-house role. Highlights…

Senior Editor ELT at OUP

Development Editor, Primary ELT Macmillan

Also these two…

If you still haven’t registered for ELT Publishing Professionals database then you’re starting to miss out as there have been a lot more jobspots lately.

Feel free to drop me a LinkedIn message on the off-chance I might have heard of some freelancing work. I recently had to turn down a coursebook because of other commitments, but passed on the contact to other writers. Always happy to help – sharing is caring 😊

ELT Freelancers away day

Good summary from Peter Fullagar on the ELT Freelancers away day – you can read it here.

Garnet Podcast

Garnet Education have started a new podcast. The first episode featured an interview with Nik Peachey about latest happenings in EdTech. Check it out, definitely worth a listen.

Other interesting blog posts

Peter Fullagar (double-mention) shares how he got into freelancing, also interesting. Click here.

Philip Kerr reflected on some trends in publishing in the last decade here.

The Textbook Family, from Steve Smith here.

Making Business English materials that reflect learner realities, from John Hughes here.

Ahem, my post on how to find writing work.


Future trends and research issues of technology-enhanced language learning (Zou et al 2018). Indirectly related to materials writing so worth a read.

This month I’ve mostly been…

Gearing up for a new teaching role, writing for One Stop English, digital cleansing.

If you only read one materials writing related thing this month…

The latest ‘get inspired’ blog post is an interview with Kath Bilsborough. A good read! Click here.


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