Lesson idea: Kahoot! for word stress

Just a quick idea for using Kahoot! here. I found I was using it for the same purposes – grammar meaning/form checking, gap fills, consolidation at end of lesson, etc. I wanted to branch out. Turns out it works well for reviewing word stress too. Here are a couple of screen shots from our food-related word ‘stress check’ the other day…

The good things about using Kahoot! for this were…

  • the students repeat the word (sometimes a lot) to check the stress
  • it turns out that it was a good way to highlight the use of epenthesis among Thai learners (see my post last week). Adding the decoy of 3 syllables for ‘spicy’ was a good way to do this
  • about the above – students genuinely wanted to clarify why they were wrong – they actually cared about pronunciation! Cool…
  • it mixes things up for the students/for me as we were getting bored with these same old ideas
  • it took like under 5 minutes to make (12 words) and could be reused/tweaked and reused

That was it. Give it a go if you haven’t already 🙂

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  1. I tend to use Kahoot or Quizizz for the same grammar revision too. I really like this idea to practise pron 😉

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  2. Wonderful post. I hadn’t come across Kahoot! before so I’m keen to learn more. Definitely focusing on developing my tools for teaching post-summer. Thanks for sharing Pete.


  3. This is an excellent idea! Thank you!


  4. Was there a link to this Kahoot game you created? I can’t find it on the page.



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