EAL: History / Geography reviews

Here’s another insight into day-to-day EAL planning. Usual disclaimer on the look of the resources – time restraints, okay?!

History and Geography were tough for our EAL learners in Term 1. They are so English-heavy and there’s tonnes to cover. Most of my separate EAL classes during the term focused on some part of the content in these two topics. I mean, there was the odd review of maths terms and some focus on essay writing skills, but mainly I was helping learners access the Hist/Geog content.

At the end of each (half-)term, with writing assessments looming, I help the learners review what’s been covered. These activities are done as a rip-and-run activity so sorta gamified.

Here are some of the examples of my review activities for WW2 key events (the essay involved discussing two of the events in detail…)

A classic scramble to start, can they remember the names of each key event?

Okay, a guaranteed four points for most there. Now it gets trickier…

Aha! They weren’t sure with one or two of these. Don’t forget to mark the word stress in each phrase for a bonus point! Oh, and then to do a quickfire game like word association:

Student A: evacuee

Student B: Er… evacuation! Air raids

Student A: evacuation, no wait, the Blitz. Hang on… both? Kinda…

(Don’t tell anyone, but I plan some resources to be ambiguous. It gets learner’s talking).

Up the challenge a bit with more key facts / concepts, but with support:

Sneak in the Wordwall WW2 matching activity at this stage because…

They won’t have support for the next two events!

See if they can remember some of the synonyms that popped up…

We’re probably at about 25 minutes of class right now, maybe 30… But I get these kids for 1.5 hours, that’s it! And we need to move onto Geography, so…

Their essay is a choice between writing about GM crops or battery farming (there was like a scheme of work on each. Previous half-term they were looking at access to water). So, I let them look back at their notes, like this one:

It was just some key words that they labelled either related to picture 1, picture 2 or both. They can discuss the pics a bit, use some of those words in sentences, check understanding, etc. Then into the main review:

You can’t beat a drawing response, love them. My favourite bit with these is when learners look confused and go ‘How can I draw [e.g. confined space]?!’ and I’m like ‘I don’t know, I mean, what is it?’ Then they start gesturing / describing it, etc, and I don’t really care if they draw it after that as it’s clear they understand it.

But I still double check with this labelling bit

They hate this next bit. But by this stage they have got quite competitive given my scoring system so they’ll give it a good go!

It’s some sneaky planning for their essay. They final task is some sneaky pre-writing processes for the essay too…

So anyway, all these activities were a nudge really. A long-winded way of saying ‘remember this, check you know this, think about this in your planning’… These are pretty fun review lessons to do once a term, and remind me that woooooooooaaaah these students have a lot to get their heads around. This was just from two subjects, I mean, then there’s Science, Maths, Art, DT (surprisingly language heavy!), oh yeah and English…

Here’s the doc if you want to adapt things

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