Writing lesson: online dating profiles

This is a lesson based around authentic texts from the eHarmony website. It is aimed at adult pre-intermediate level plus, but these texts are full of rich language so it would ideally suit intermediate level students.


· Share personal experiences and attitudes towards online dating

· Identify key features of an online dating profile

· Create a short online dating profile for yourself or a friend

· Evaluate the effectiveness of other online profiles

I say these texts are authentic… well not exactly! They are example online dating profiles that eHarmony provide as guidance for new users. Original texts and images can be found here.

I’ve made this into a handout instead if needed.

All attachments are fully editable, feel free to adapt, select, reject, etc. Feedback and edits most welcome.

lesson plan and notes – Online dating

eHarmony dating profiles

basic writing template – Online dating

NOTE: This lesson was first uploaded to Freeed.com. Freeed is a  new platform for sharing ELT lesson content. Sign up is free, and there are currently around 100 resources on the site like this one. If you’re keen to share your own teaching materials and would like feedback from a community of global teachers, give Freeed a go!


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