Lesson idea: introducing dreams and ambitions

You really must check out these two sites: All at C and Vocabulary in Chunks. I’ve started to use a lot more videos in class and these have some great resources on them!

Sometimes I come across resources, especially videos, that make me think ‘this would be really useful for introducing a lesson on [INSERT TOPIC HERE]’. I often forget about them if the topic doesn’t come up in the textbook soon. I’m going to start storing these videos in my ‘lesson ideas’ section, so I can come back to them when needed! I hope you find some of them useful too! When I get enough videos I’ll put them all into one post.

First up, here’s one I found yesterday. It’s about a radio-controlled car who creates their own little adventure:

This video is a great route into language related to careers and ambitions. The car dreams of freedom, aspires to be like the other cars, faces challenges but is determined to achieve his goal. The little car also goes through a range of emotions which might be worth exploring too. I can see a great creative writing task coming from this video.

A fun observation challenge using this video:

Write down ANY words you see in the video. The pair with the most words wins!

Answers: the Toy Station, Ask Staff to Open, Rock Crawler, radio control, Warning, tech, action, 153, Happy Place, Don’t lose them, Loose Gravel, Danger, Robot, Thank you for visiting Area 51, Police, Railroad Crossing, Stop, Try me, Kids Only, Sandpit (You might find more if your eyesight is better than mine!)

Get students to retell the story using these words to help them remember what happened.

Let me know if/how you use the video, and if you think it’s suitable for introducing other topics. Enjoy!

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