British Council Video Zone

Here are some short activities I wrote for British Council Video Zone last year. They were quite fun to write, quick too. No full lessons, just springboards I guess. I hope you find something useful. Plenty more video-based resources on the site too.

Video Zone Adults

London’s Secret Garden (C1) Based on a video from Great Big Story.

A Limb from Lego (B2) Another one from Great Big Story.

The Gulper Eel  (B1) Based on a good Nautilus vid from Nat Geo.

A Rare Cheese (B2) Based on a cool Casu Marzu, Great Big Story again.

How these women changed science forever (C1). Based on a cool vid from Life Noggin.

Water Changes Everything (B2). Based on a vid by chartywater.

Wheelchair costumes turn kids into superheroes (B2). Another GBS vid.

Video Zone Teens

How do bubbles work? (B1) Based on a cool video from CBeebies.

Our School on… Selfies. (C1) Based on a Vox Pop from CBBC.

How to do a backspin! (B1). Another vid from CBBC.

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