Introducing travel – student quiz

This came up again recently. There’s nothing wrong with ‘Where the hell is Matt?’, that will always be a classic. However, I like to mix things up, personalise, find different ways to engage my students. This worked well…

First up, a bit of teacher/student rapport building. Stick pictures of your own travels around the room. Get students to guess the country where the pictures were taken. You can make them obvious…


or not…


Anyway, good for checking prior knowledge, and gets the class doing something straight away.

Then do a bit of sentence completion:

My top travel destination would be…  because…

Get students to complete the sentence in their notebook first (this will help you gather info!)

Then do a whole class mingle. Tell the students they have 5 minutes to ask as many people as possible about their top travel destination. They should make notes to remember what they hear – after the activity you will give them a quiz…

While everyone is chatting, listen/ask questions/look at notebooks etc. Gather info on each of your students’ responses during the 5 minutes.

When time is up put the students in pairs. Tell them to share their information. Then look at the data you’ve gathered and ask them 10 questions, e.g.

  • Which student’s top travel destination is Brazil?
  • How many students said that England was their top destination?
  • Who said they would like to see Big Ben?
  • Etc…

Obviously some students will hear questions about themselves – encourage them not to give the game away. When you’ve finished check scores and announce winners.

It’s fun and personalised. Young learners enjoy it! These stages take about 20 minutes in total, depending on level.

I’m writing a series of short posts in response to Martin Sketchley’s blog challenge. You can view his new blog here.

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