Wordwall assignments

Yes, another Wordwall post. No, I’m not on commission. It’s just a great tool.

I forgot to mention the ‘Set Assignments’ feature in my previous posts. It’s a really useful diagnostic tool.

  • Make your game. Click to share it and you’ll see the option to set assignment
  • Fill in the details, like deadline, etc.
  • Then share the link with students. They all try the activity. You get info on their performance, just like with other tools like Quizizz, etc

It gives you loads of useful info actually, like individual scores, items that were often incorrect (like Quizlet Learn does too), and so on…

Tip: I choose not to have a leader board. It keeps things low stakes, and learners don’t always need to compete. Can be good at times though.

Wordwall continues to be a really useful tool for my EAL classes. The activities available in the community (for free!) are really helpful, there are an impressive amount of activity templates to choose from, learners respond well to it and it’s very user-friendly. It’s 180 baht a month for an individual membership – absolute bargain. You can create 5 free resources so check it out if you haven’t already.

More Wordwall ideas here.

And here.

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