Materials writing and pub quizzes

Before lockdown I was an avid pub quizzer. It’s the perfect hobby for a materials writer because we accumulate tons of useless facts when researching articles. Here’s a list of some random topics I’ve written texts on in the last, pfff, 18 months maybe? I’ve discussed this with Clare Maas before – I’d love to see your updated list of writes, Clare!

I guess there is a point to this list. If you are thinking of becoming a writer, then you’ve got to be willing to write 300-800 words or so on a lot of random stuff. Sometimes it’s more boring than you think, sometimes it’s harder than you think and takes a lot of research. Sometimes it’s like ‘wooooooah! WELL INTERESTING! I’m totally not going to shut up for days about that, and bore anyone I meet to death by reciting every last fact.’



Alligators in sewers

‘The Final Word’ style questions

The Lebombo/Ishango Bone



Morning routines


Communication with extra-terrestrials

Anti-trust laws and monopolies

Plastic pollution and the Pacific Garbage Patch

The art of joke telling

Jokes that make people laugh

Does power corrupt?

The importance of conflict in stories

Top 5 themes used in action movies

The secret to happiness

Viral challenges


Eat, Pray, Love


Fake news


Dunbar’s Number


Star signs

The Disgrace of Gijon

Military medals

The Flint water crisis

Bee stings

Cultivation of quinoa

Household pests


Dress codes

Katherine Johnson

Robot teachers

Burning Man Festival

Bias in the news

Criminal background checks

Philosophy of education

Cathy Freeman


The Antwerp Diamond Heist

Audrey Mestre



Artificial limbs

Bognor Birdman

The history of Bognor Regis

George V and Bognor Regis

Bognor Regis Town Football Club

Butlins, Bognor Regis

Flores, Indonesia (compared to Bognor… no I’m joking)

Lise Meitner (‘s visit to Bognor Regis in 1901… NOT TRUE)


Academic referencing

Martin Heidegger

Sachin Tendulkar

Masala Dosa

Shackleton (probably holidayed in Bognor Regis)

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