Renewable English Series 2 “Beyond the SDGs” is on its way

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, Renewable English take on the UN’s SDGs in a brand-new series of live lessons.

Seville, Andalucia, September 2021The much anticipated second series of Renewable English is just around the corner. Founded by teacher, teacher trainer and environmental campaigner, Harry Waters, Renewable English looks to give students a new outlook on the climate crisis and other social justice issues completely free of charge. Catch up with our hit Series One on our website. Are you looking to improve yours and your students’ eco-literacy? Renewable English is a fun and unique way of getting live, relevant, up-to-date classes, on a weekly basis.

Series Two is going to take a closer look at the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We’ll be looking, in detail, at each goal and giving you plenty of ideas and materials to bring the increasingly important SDG’s to life in your classroom. Much like Series One there will be plenty on offer throughout each week including:

  • Free Materials
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Top Tips

“When we walk into the classroom as teachers, we’re not experts in everything we teach, the environment is no different,” says Harry Waters Founder and Lead Content Creator of Renewable English. “Our mission is simple, we want to give as many students and teachers the tools to help make the world a better place to live.”

At Renewable English we have created a direct to student approach which can be easily adapted and used by teachers for in class activities. Our desire to provide timely and free education to students across the globe is one driven by to our experience working with Pearson and the BBC on their award-winning live classes project. Our aim is to bring students together from across the globe for one common goal. The urgency of the climate crisis is something that is being felt the world over and we hope to unite people, through our lessons, to take genuine steps to improve the planet we live on.

In the three years since the “Strike for Climate” and “Fridays for Future” movements started we have seen a huge awakening amongst young people the world over. People want to learn more about environmental and social justice issues. The growing movement with ELT and education on the whole, is leaving as an issue which must not be ignored.

After just 2 lessons of our first series, we were approached to work as lead creators and educators on Pearson and BBC Studios Speak Out for Sustainability project. We have also worked alongside Digital Learning Associates in developing their sustainability-based materials. Added to that our founder has spoken at a variety international educational conferences and podcasts and will continue to do so throughout the coming year.

“It’s been a long time coming, but the sustainability movement in education has arrived and I know for sure that it’s here to stay” says Waters.

About Renewable English

Renewable English was founded in 2020 by Harry Waters, with the aim to help raise climate change awareness amongst teachers and students. The company provides world-class live lessons, expertly crafted materials, in house workshops – all personalised and tailored-made for each individual class, school or academy. Find out more at:


Name:             Harry Waters


Instagram:      @renewableenglish

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