Materials Writing news and views, October 2020

Just a few things this time. I’m out the loop at the moment, enjoying my teaching too much!

Facebook groups for writers

There are a lot of Facebook groups for ELT writers these days. If you would like to share a link to your group then please let me know (or do so yourself in the comments). I don’t know which groups are open to new members/restricted/etc.

ELTon results

Congrats to all ELTons winners, which you can find here.

ELT Footprint – probably the most odds-on victory since the awards started I’d imagine.

Taking nothing away from winners past/present with this comment: I think there are aspects of the ELTons nomination process that could be tightened – BC please get in touch if you’d like to hear my suggestions 🙂

Work It Out

Monica Ruda-Peachey/Billie Jago did a webinar promoting Work It Out – a resource for Prosperity Education on phrasal verbs. I downloaded the sample unit – very comprehensive approach I must say. I hope to get time to review the whole resource soon.

The Flibets

New pre-primary resource from Express Publishing by Jenny and Virginia Dooley.

Pearson global editorial policy update

I’ve seen info about this EDI-related policy update from Pearson doing the rounds, but not seen the actual policy myself. Still, a heads up anyway, see this LinkedIn post:

ELT Freelancers announcement

Everything will be coming under the ELT Publishing Professionals now, there’ll be more training opportunities for publishing professionals to follow. Click here for video announcement.

Which brings me to… Avallain training

I attended a training session on Avallain digital authoring tool, in association with ELTpp.

Interesting stuff, tool looks useful, easy to use, etc. They said there’ll be a version for teachers soon – hope it’s not too expensive. I’d consider using it – the proofreading tool probs the best of the lot.


BC international development opportunities, click here.

Some opportunities still active I think, worth checking out.

Redwood publishing

Some work for someone, somewhere… click here.

Not many job spots on ELTpp recently, more people advertising direct e.g. on LinkedIn. Oh wait, there was one…

Susie Dent chats with Denise Cowle

Just saw this randomly, thought I’d share.

Here’s also an Editing Podcast episode by Denise Cowle featuring ELT Teacher2Writer (just reshared on LinkedIn so I’ll take a look).

Critical thinking – Kerr

Interesting blog post recently from Philip Kerr on critical thinking. He mentioned how ‘critical thinking’ tends ti have a more narrow focus on media/info/digital literacy in some contexts. A recent project outline for a BC project is a case in point…

Anyway, post well worth a read.

Latest MaWSIG

Behind the scenes with Deputy Publications Coordinator, Penny Hands.

Tyson Seburn(t)…

… gave an opening keynote at #ATESL2020 on representation in ELT materials. Just a general ‘this happened’ update there…!

How to Write EAP materials

Martin Sketchley reviewed this book from ELT Teacher2Writer (author Julie Moore). Link here.

New page

I’ve added all materials writing updates to one page on my blog, see here.

30 Role Plays for TEFL

Peachey Publications have announced the 2nd edition of our book of role play ideas. Click here if interested (my affiliate link FYI).

Inclusion in ELT

An upcoming symposium, just thought I’d mention.

Textbook optional

An interesting reflection on writing your own resources from Alison Savage and Colin Ward. Click here.

‘If you only read blah blah blah…’

Tim Warre

This blogger continues to amaze me with his endless ideas, mostly for exam-based lessons. I’m pretty sure he’s contributed to a coursebook with one publisher before (with Sandy Millin maybe, but could be wrong…?). Publishers – sign him up!

That’s it. Bit more detail next month 🙂

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