Special Offer! IH Introduction to Teaching CLIL course

My buddy from the Yangsan days, Katja Preston, now coordinates the courses for IH Online Teacher Training Institute. She’s kindly offering readers of this blog a discount for the upcoming CLIL course (authored by Amanda McLoughlin), woohoo! Here’s the info!

We are offering a discount on our IH Introduction to Teaching CLIL course to readers of ELT Planning. Use the code ELTPLANNING2023 in your application to redeem your 10% discount*


Dates & Prices:

  • 4th Feb 2023 – 4th Mar 2023 – £295 (£265.50 for ELT Planning readers)
  • 29th Jul 2023 – 26th Aug 2023 – £325 (£292.50 for ELT Planning readers)

IH Online Teacher Training Institute is the teacher training wing of International House World Organisation. From newly qualified teachers to academic managers and everything in between, we provide CPD courses for every stage in a teacher’s career. The IH OTTI tutors have a wealth of experience and offer support through the forums and individual feedback.

On the CLIL course, the tutors are experts in CLIL as well as being qualified online teacher trainers. This concise teacher development course gives practical ideas to use in the classroom and the theoretical background behind them. It’s suitable for those who are newly qualified or teachers with more experience. It builds a strong foundation of knowledge and explores strategies for planning and teaching successful CLIL/bilingual education lessons.

Everybody who is using English in a subject classroom, whether for CLIL or EAL, can benefit from the content of this course. Read what one of our previous course participants found valuable from the course:

I loved the last final task, also because it was a recording – which was brand new to me. BTW, I got to know a new tool to use in my school, which is a great side effect of such courses. I think the range of the tasks (only 4) was perfect… Great experience: our tutor showed a high level of professionalism and experience; very nice group (that’s what I love about online learning – a lot of nationalities, and a challenge to understand them via the Internet), useful tasks; certificate (it is important in our world).”
Joanna Fliska, Private tutor in Poland

The structure of the course

This is a blended course with live and asynchronous components. Each week starts with a synchronous session lasting 90 minutes which is recorded for anybody who can’t attend. The rest of the weekly material is online and accessed as asynchronous self-study tasks within the week. The tutor will provide input and feedback, and course participants use the discussion forums to comment and compare the topic material with each other.

The module content

There are four modules in this course, each focusing on a different element of CLIL.

Module 1 looks at the definitions and theoretical underpinnings of CLIL

  • Definitions and different models: soft and hard CLIL
  • CLIL aims: dual focus on content and language
  • Teacher competencies: What does a CLIL teacher do?
  • Theoretical underpinnings: The four Cs and the three Ds of CLIL
  • What does CLIL look like in practice?

Module 2 focuses on the planning and execution of a CLIL lesson

  • Defining learning objectives
  • Task complexity and sequencing: from input to output
  • Identifying academic language demands
  • Scaffolding content, scaffolding language

Module 3 works on materials

  • Selecting CLIL materials
  • Adapting materials for the CLIL classroom
  • Creating CLIL materials
  • Identifying cognitive and linguistic challenges: Cummins’ quadrants

Module 4 is about assessing in the CLIL classroom

  • Content, skills or language, what do we assess?
  • Summative assessment: what makes a good exam question?
  • Formative assessment: tips and techniques
  • Backwards design

*Places are subject to availability


Feature image from the IH site.

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