Review: Eduland Writing Project

Eduland is a short story project for the China ELT market. You write short fiction texts for young learners, add a few comprehension questions (guidance given), do one round of edits (typically), and get paid!

Currently, the short stories are part of a series involving a fictional family called the Jollys. Full road maps and character profiles are provided along with writing templates, topics to avoid, and plenty of other guidance.

Stories should be between 400-2500 words. Submissions are paid at 7 US cents per word.

How did I get involved in Eduland?

I imagine everyone who has ‘ELT’, ‘writer’, or similar terms in their LinkedIn profile has heard of this one. The Eduland team have been in touch with lots of my LinkedIn contacts.

The speculative nature of the contact might be a turn off for some. I took a punt on it a while back just because it sounded interesting and fun.

I had a video call with the guy who ran things (David Li), and one of the editors/group leads. They seemed friendly and professional, and the guidance was clear. I wrote a few stories, the process was straightforward, and I was paid promptly. They’ve been receptive to feedback on the project, and communication has been fine.

The platform you upload the stories to is a bit clunky although it’s not too tough to navigate. The editing process was painless, and there’s minimal requirement to grade the content as that is dealt with in-house.

The writing side of things was enjoyable. Lots of freedom and creativity involved. I read the character profiles and suggested topics, then just went for it. Wrote stories involving family members getting bee stings, seeing the Perseids Shower, tying knots, visiting yard sales… Honestly, pretty much anything goes.

There are a few old job ads online that suggest you need to write a certain amount of stories per month for this project. That’s not the case – I chipped in as and when I could, very ad hoc. They seemed fine with that.

Ha, writing stories has highlighted to me just how bad my punctuation is – feedback on that has been useful.

If you want a nice writing project to supplement your teaching income, and get something new down on your CV, Eduland is worth looking into. The project is likely to run for a while (estimated at least a year longer!) so there’s regular income available for teachers struggling as a result of COVID. Don’t be deterred by the ‘7 cents’ thing – word counts increase quickly when it comes to stories and you’re in the flow.

Hunt down David Li on LinkedIn if you’re interested.

*Disclaimer – this review is subjective, I can’t vouch for others who have been involved in the project. Maybe see comments on this post for other experiences.*

*Note – experiences of projects can change! This was written March 2021. See below in case of updates!*

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  1. Hi! I just started writing for this project and I’m very excited about it. I just completed my first story but I am having trouble uploading it onto the site. Have you experienced this problem? If so, how was it resolved?

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    • Hey. I did have a few problems the other day actually. I just deleted cookies on the browser and eventually it worked (after a while loading) but yeah, I’ve had the occasional issue – no biggie.

      Managed to submit yet?

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    • VPN off to submit, VPN on to edit.

      The platform is China based and pretty quick and efficient with no VPN on, but to edit your stories, you need to turn your VPN on, log into OneDrive, save it, then exit, turn the VPN off, and submit. At least that’s my experience. It’s fine once you get the hang of it. Using Safari. Sometimes the server is busy, just try again in an hour or so and it works.

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  2. This is pretty much word for word how I’d describe the project. Been doing it for a few months and really enjoying it. Would encourage anyone reading this to get involved.

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  3. I have been working for Eduland for a few months and have enjoyed it very much. I have not had any issues. They pay for stories promptly and they are very polite when asking for corrections. Looking forward to the next series.

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  4. Hi there. I would like to ask if working as a writer for Eduland could be full-time. I hope to take on this job for many years to come if possible.


    • Hey. All I can say on that front is when I was interviewed by eduland they did say some people were using it for full time income. So it’s doable, but depends on your expectations and also on your level of creativity – tough to keep up the ideas!

      In short, yes I think it’s possible.


  5. I have just been approached by the team. Seems like a fun project, I have done one similar in the past

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  6. I’ve been submitting 4-8 stories a month since the beginning of 2021. The money is pretty good, but there’s some weirdness.

    The Jolly Family series is finished and the new topic is an Earthlike planet populated by intelligent Earth animals that act exactly like humans. It’s supposed to be a vehicle for social criticism, but because it was developed in China, there are many hidden taboos and strange points of view.

    It’s also chock full of logical inconsistencies (like a nuclear-capable army but only one country, or pirates with no shipping by sea) that can cause major rewriting. So it’s becoming less lucrative. The editors can be somewhat capricious and it’s hard to communicate with them.

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    • Ha, interesting and honest feedback, cheers Garth! I haven’t had much time to be involved in the new topic. It looked like it required quite a bit of time to get our head around the story map. I’m holding out for the next one – sci fi a bit tough for me!

      By the way, 4-8 stories, great pace! Challenging content to write I’d say.

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    • I agree with the inconsistencies and the capricious editors for sure. I’ve been writing on this project since April. I used the project as my income over the summer, but it is getting tougher to do. It is best done as a sideline for sure (my opinion).

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  7. Eduland sucks. They used to be great, but they ran out of money. Now, they’re never going to pay ANY writer more than a grand a month. Period. It started out legit, now it’s a scam. Waste of time.


    • Hi Zak,

      I understand you have strong opinions on this writing project and you are clearly not best pleased with the way you’ve been treated. That said, you have now commented over 20 times on this post in 20 minutes with the words: ‘Eduland sucks’. Could you elaborate a bit more to help readers?
      I’ll paste the comments into this post as an image, but don’t wish to add repetitive comments to this thread.

      Cheers, seasons greetings! Pete


  8. They don’t pay their writers anymore. They ran out of money, and if they blame the low pay on the writer. It’s always the writer’s fault the editors aren’t clear, or it’s the writer’s fault that the manager was on a three day break, or it’s the writer’s fault that the roadmap for character information is never updated…


  9. Certainly.
    Eduland pays writers less the more the writer works for them.
    Writers start at eight cents per word, then gradually are taken down to six, then fired after a year.
    This is because the PRC took funding away from Eduland.

    Now, I’ve gone from making five thousand dollars my first month, to three hundred dollars last month.
    How would that be possible when my writing has (objectively and demonstrably) improved over time?
    Eduland is now a scam.

    I would warn anyone away from this supposed “opportunity”.

    *** I posted nothing 20 times – try 3 or 4 dude – sounds like a server repeat upload error, which is common during the early morning rush on WANs and LANs while a vast majority of users are logging on ***


    • Thanks for sharing more information Zak. I’m sorry to hear that the project may have turned sour. It no longer sounds like the opportunity it once was and I appreciate you keeping any readers here up to date on developments with Eduland.

      I checked the emails listed in those comments and they have reportedly come from internal writing teams at Eduland. They had some choice words to say – I don’t think I’ll add them to the post on second thoughts!

      Best of luck with your future writing and congrats on your recent awards – very impressive!



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