Lesson idea: Star Wars crawl creator

I got so excited about this that I had to post it up! I found this site today where you can create your own version of the Star Wars intro! It looks like this, and you can find it here…


It’s really simple to do – just create your own story, type it in and click done…


My students are still loving Star Wars at the moment so this got tonnes of laughs. It’s perfect for creative writing. Enjoy!

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  1. Reblogged this on TatyGoRa's ELT Think Tank and commented:
    For my love of Star Wars!

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  2. In a classroom, far, far away …

    What a wonderful website Pete. I may get my students to use this website for their own writing tasks. In fact, they are really into Star Wars and this would suit them down to the ground.

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  3. Wonderful idea! I will definitely use it in class.:)


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