Materials writing conversations #9: Lost contracts

These are completely imaginary conversations. No characters in the convos are based on real people – I’m just bored and imagining conversations I might have with editors…

I seem to lose a lot of writing contracts. It could be down to the way I respond to publishers, but I’m not quite sure…

Publisher: We’re planning a new Aviation English series and wondered if you’d like to be part of the author team.

Me: Sure. As well as writing, will I be expected to *pilot* any of the resources…?

Publisher: Are you an experienced item writer? We’re producing a series of exam practice resources to be released in September.

Me: Hmmm. Sounds like testing times ahead.

Publisher: Do you have any experience of copy editing?

Me: Not exactly. But I guess I just do what the other editors do, right?

Publisher: We’re looking for a content editor for a batch of resources.

Me: I’ve been a bit disgruntled recently so I’m probably not the best fit.

Publisher: You’ll work alongside the Digital Product Lead on this project.

Me: Okay. In that case, could you supply some cable hooks so I can keep it up against the wall?

Publisher: Have you ever authored in FLOE?

Me: I can knuckle down for about 5 hours straight.

Publisher: We wondered if you’d be part of the writing team for Launchpad! A new 8-book English skills series for secondary learners.

Me: Sounds great! I’m sure as a team we’ll rocket!

Publisher: Most of the texts in the coursebook will focus on topics related to fashion.

Me: It would help if I could see the full scope and sequins.

Publisher: If you’re interested in this work, we will ask you to provide a sample spread.

Me: Knife one! Is marmalade okay?

(Sorry – I can’t believe that one’s not better)

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