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I’ve had an article (this post) published in The Teacher magazine this month. As I mentioned in my post on ELT magazines, they always send you a free book of your choice when they publish your stuff! Was pleased to receive this package the other day. Looking forward to trying out some improv next term…

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  1. I feel like I’ve been spoiled and…well…de-skilled by tweeting, I can’t seem to write in full paragraphs anymore…but posts like this about writing in ELT magazines are always inspiring. Someday, someday. #tweetlengthcomment


    • Cheers Matthew. You know loads of stuff – plenty of things to write about for the mags. Does take time to sit down and write though. I’m in a writing lull, enjoying reading more for inspiration and found some great articles recently! Let me know if you ever want to collaborate on a piece for one of the mags, could be fun and interesting for both of us! Seasons greetings by the way.

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