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Interview: James Prior from TEFLPA

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James Prior, TEFLPA

I received an email last week promoting a new site called TEFLPA. The creator, James Prior, agreed to an interview about the new product. I’ve never taught privately, but for those who do it sounds like this could be a useful tool. What are your views? All comments welcome!

 Hi James. You’ve just contacted me about TEFLPA. What are you after (in a sentence)?

We’re trying to raise awareness of what TEFLPA offers and how it can help English teachers

So, what exactly is TEFLPA?

TEFLPA LogoTEFLPA is a website that allows English teachers to advertise their services to students in their local area anywhere in the world, and manage all of their student attendance, lesson records and student billing on the one platform for free. We also provide the facility for teachers to advertise their services for online lessons via Skype. TEFLPA is particularly good for freelance teachers because it’s free for them to sign up and advertise their services and the free tools on the site allow them to manage all of their student admin in the one place, this includes their own students that they already teach who they can add to the site for free. (more…)