Review: Language Fuel online training

I love a freebie! I‘ve just completed a two-week free trial of Language Fuel. Overall, I give it an ELTplanning thumbs up. Skip to the end for my overall thoughts…

Language Fuel (Academy) is an online training platform both for ELT teachers and learners. This review focuses solely on resources designed for teachers. They offer a suite of online courses (currently over 30 of them) via a membership model. A Premium membership is around 15 UK pounds per month, although there are discounts for institutional membership. There are also occasional freebies like webinars offered through the platform and their free ‘community membership’, so it’s worth a visit just to sign up for that.

Who is it aimed at?

I’ve completed around 10 of the courses. Overall, most were aimed at TKT or CELTA-level trainees, or what Cambridge would describe as Foundation or Developing level teachers.