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Post-it note votes

A quick post-task for poster work. We’ve been doing quite a bit of post-it note voting recently, students seem to like it.

Display posters around the room. In this case, we were designing environmentally friendly parks. Tell students that we will vote for the best ones. Elicit/negotiate different categories to vote for:

  • Most environmentally friendly park
  • Best English
  • Craziest design
  • Etc…

Choose 4 or so categories. Give learners 4 post-it notes each. They write a category on each post-it, then go round and read/look at each poster. Once they’ve chosen their winner for each category they stick the post-it note next to it. Remember to point out that they can’t choose their own work!

post-it-1      post-it       post-it2

When everyone’s finished, do a quick tally and announce the winners.

What happens if some teams don’t get any votes? I normally rig it so that doesn’t happen!

Quick, simple, fun.

I’m writing a series of short posts in response to Martin Sketchley’s blog challenge. You can view his new blog here.