interactive whiteboards

Breaktime games

Does anyone have any good suggestions for break time games? I have an interactive whiteboard and I’ve started to leave a game on the board (if I can trust the class with the equipment!).

I prefer using things like Quizlet as I can make vocabulary review games like the Scattergram one – I’ve posted this example before. Sporcle’s alright but you often need a designated typer so it’s a bit limited.

For random word games I use some variations on a similar theme. There’s Word Shake from the British Council:


That’s always fun. I used to play Text Twist online a lot, that was similar.

I like Multipopword a lot, you need to go in the easy room though otherwise it can get quite hard.


So, any ideas? It doesn’t have to be interactive, as long as students can get on with it themselves. Well, the students that want to claw themselves away from their apps anyway…!

Interactive whiteboards – some pros and cons

At my current school we have interactive whiteboards (IWBs) in every classroom. These are a luxury, but I do think they have their drawbacks.

In ‘400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards’, Sharma et al (2011:10-11) list these benefits of using an IWB:

  • Teachers and students can use a wide range of multimedia in the classroomwhiteboard3
  • They can make lesson lead-ins memorable (using videos, photos, etc)
  • Reviewing language has never been easier’, especially as you can save the flipcharts you create
  • They help with creating personalised content
  • It encourages ‘heads-up’ learning. Teachers can keep learners working at a similar pace, and focused by controlling what’s on the whiteboard. Feedback can be instant too.
  • Audio transcripts can be displayed easily.

This is a fairly loose list of benefits – there are plenty more. However, they don’t mention many problems with using IWBs. They highlight that…

  • technology is never 100% reliable
  • there’s a temptation to use the IWB merely as a presentation tool (teacher-centred)
  • there’s a tendency to overuse IWBs at first

Perhaps most importantly, they stress that IWBs are just another classroom tool – they should enrich the learning experience, but not take over.

Their book is a useful resource for IWB users, but it lacks discussion. Here are a few more pros and cons with IWBs that I’ve been thinking about recently. (more…)