CELTA pass A

How to get a CELTA Pass A

I passed the CELTA with a grade A. There’s my certificate…

There are already some good posts around on how to get a Pass A – see CELTA Helper for an example. However, I’ve been contacted a lot since I mentioned my Pass A grade in a previous post. People genuinely want to know how I achieved it and how they can do the same.

Here’s the first of a few posts with my take on things. Feel free to comment if you have any questions – I’ll respond to everyone. However, if you want expert advice rather than my opinion, talk to a CELTA course tutor!

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The path towards a Pass A…

Just as CELTA Helper says, read the CELTA assessment criteria carefully. The criteria for a Pass A is basically that you can…

  • analyse target language thoroughly
  • plan effectively with minimal guidance
  • select appropriate resources for skills development
  • deliver effective lessons using a wide range of effective techniques
  • show very good awareness of learners and respond to them
  • reflect on strengths and weaknesses – use those reflections to help develop your skills

Overall: show excellent understanding of English teaching and learning processes.

Sounds easy, right?! If you can achieve all of that within the one-month intensive course then you’re a far better trainee than me! Preparation was the key to my success… (more…)