British culture

Lesson idea: UK politics and the election

Today I taught one of my best lessons ever.  It’s a massive day for the UK, and there was no way I was going to ignore the general election in class. I had a group of 14 year old intermediate Austrians, so I couldn’t guarantee they would be interested in politics. When I told them the topic for the day they groaned. A few hours later they were walking out of class arguing about UKIP’s immigration policy, whether we should lower the voting age, and whether the UK needs nuclear weapons. (more…)

Windsor Castle video observation challenge!

Here’s one of my favourite activities to get students interested in Windsor Castle. The lesson is based around the ‘visit Windsor’ introductory video that can be found on youtube. The lesson is suitable for intermediate students, although the part that uses the video is just fun and could be suitable for strong pre-intermediates (perhaps)

After a brief discussion on famous buildings in England, the Queen, etc, show the students the Windsor Castle video with some simple questions to discuss after, e.g. (more…)