Review: EAL Hub

I know, this doesn’t happen often on ELT Planning. But here’s a site I don’t recommend.

EAL Hub is… well, this:

It sounds great in principle. Humph.

This resource site doesn’t cost much. I’d like to argue that it offers value, however I’m going to stick my neck out here and say…

This isn’t great.


The resources are often unpolished. It’s the type of stuff that I would probably come up with if I thought ‘right, let’s just churn out a bulk of semi ok-ish resources from my back catalogue’. There are clearly some good, but a lot of average.

I know how I sound, and I know it’s not me… apologies. *fist, mouth*

There’s real inconsistency pedagogy-wise. My guess would be that the person who created the site had a few good ideas and made the site work. They got stretched, asked a few other people to contribute who were a bit green but bulked out the resources… something like that.

It’s unprincipled (same criticism actually). One of the big offerings is PIVOT packs, which are a somewhat systematic approach to introducing keywords for certain texts, topics, etc. I would urge anyone CELTA+ and particularly DELTA+ to take a look at these when evaluating the site resources (there’s a free one). Fly in the face of SLA? Up to you. Personally, I just can’t work it out. I’ve never come across anything like them and can’t work out how they are beneficial unless segmenting/isolating certain skills. I just don’t get them…

It’s not comprehensive enough. They have loads of Tier 1 resources and then very limited beyond that, although many sort of tangents or semi-connected offerings. Video resources, reading packs, etc. Standalone they wouldn’t be much, but as an add-on they are okay.

Funnily enough, there are TEFL resources on the site. Full stop.

There are positives. The video stories are, wait, were okay.

You know, I just don’t think I can do the whole positive one with EAL Hub. One thing I would say is this. If you are an experienced EFL teacher considering moving back to the UK and looking into EAL support roles, this site might give you an idea of what the job entails.

Overall, it’s 20 quid a year. That’s all. Up to you.

Rating: (I’m going to hell) 2/5

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